Magenta Skateboards – ‘Soleil Levant’ UK tour blog 3.

The Magenta crew continue on their UK ‘Soleil Levant’ premiere tour – have a peruse of Vivien’s snaps below from the London premiere at the weekend then check back tomorrow for more updates from the road.

Don’t forget – Bristol and Manchester screenings are happening this week, get involved!

Braving the rain.
Whirled Cinema filling up before the London Premiere of SOLEIL LEVANT.
This is Yusuke from Japan (and Leo Valls), he took a flight from France where he was on holiday to come to the London SOLEIL LEVANT premiere last Saturday.
A little speach by Magenta boss & owner Vivien Feil before showing the film.
Zach Lyons on screen during SOLEIL LEVANT’s first screening last Saturday in London.
Crystal display.

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