Magenta Skateboards – ‘Soleil Levant’ UK tour blog 2.

Magenta’s ‘Soleil Levant’ world premiere took place in London on Saturday night, and by all accounts, the video is next level amazing. Make your way to either the Bristol or Manchester screenings this week to see this one for yourself!

Anyway, Vivien has sent through another round of snapshots from the crews mission to London – have a scroll below to see what went down during the latter part of last week!

More bloggings from the road soon – stay tuned…

Waiting for a bus back to the hotel at 4am after the night session.
It’s all about lines.
The crew – 10 deep.
Victoria Station – waiting for Leo to show up.
Pushing through alleys.
Jimmy Lannon as the lightman.
Musician & guest editor of SOLEIL LEVANT Matias Elichabehere – 23rd century technique.
2am late lunch with the mate Will Harmon.

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