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Long Live Southbank responds to Jude Kelly.

Long Live Southbank responds to Jude Kelly.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

On Friday, Jude Jelly – Artistic Director for the Southbank Centre – issued the above statement criticising the skateboarders ongoing refusal to be uprooted from Southbank’s legendary Undercroft area.

Yesterday, the Long Live Southbank campaign issued their response to Jude Kelly’s statement – click below to read, then spread the word…


  1. Ben Simmons

    Part of the reason people go to The South Bank is to enjoy the atmosphere there and moving 40 years of history around the corner will destroy that atmosphere and in turn provide less free cultural and artistic experiences for those that visit. The location recommended for relocation looks drab and will by no means attract the level of interest Internationally gained by the Undercroft as it stands. If locations are needed to build schools and dance halls why not place them around the corner instead?

  2. Ben Simmons

    So you call ruining the bank to wall, blocking the small banks with a rail, destroying the concrete before the 5 stair, turning off the lights on all but the stairs, compensating with “The Arches” which lasted all of 5 minutes and then blocking half the spot “supporting Skateboarding in that area?” Go fuck yourself!


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