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Leo and Jody Smith interview

Leo and Jody Smith interview

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray have got an interview up with Leo and Jody Smith, talking about DC Europe, being twins, pasties, injuries and local legend SJ, all of which is topped off with some recent-ish footage of the pair!

Watch on below, yo…

  1. i

    too right being a twin motivates you. thought leo had disappeared, like in a cupboard or something

  2. Tracy Green

    Hey just saw you guys on the internet… Viv worked for us at the ‘Three Kings’ in Haddenham, you probably dont remember us… Heather, Adam, Tracy, Rick, Chris, Kay, Robs and now Summer and Little Adam…. if you get a chance remember us to Viv…. last we heard she moved to Canada I think…

    It was funny to see you all grown up… last time we saw you was in Cornwall when we visited you…. two little street urchins… then… lol…

    Tracy x


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