Ipath “Blazed and Confused” UK Tour Blog 4

Again, due to some internet issues experienced in Brighton, here’s a slightly delayed fourth blog from the Ipath “Dazed and Confused” UK tour, which sees the Ipath boys rolling into Cardiff and (briefly) session that new incredible looking park!

More soon…

Snaps and captions by the ever on it Tez.

Happy Harry Lintell up and at em!
Some riders on this trip didn't get the full value of their paid rooms...
Spot the two party people in this photo.... Answers on a postcard to: Fred and Eddie are skateboarding pikeys, PO Dirtbox 999
The new Cardiff park is amazing but our luck with the weather this week is the complete opposite. Quote from Danny Dicola, the man of few words- 'this is probably the best plaza set up I've seen.'
Blink and you'll miss it - the Ipath tour at a dry skatepark!
Eddie was so stoked (and drunk) on the park he decided to do a one man demo in the torrential rain.
Eddie is now a proud owner of 3 stitches and a bit of concussion after winning the demo!
I'd like to introduce you to Fred Gall's travel companion for the UK tour. Her name is Pikey Barbie, she's a great lady who's always up to make party!