Ipath “Blazed and Confused” UK Tour Blog 3

The Ipath boys made their way down from Scotland to Manchester today, and luckily for you lot, Tez was on the blogging case as ever so here are snapshots from along the way…

More tomorrow, stay tuned!

FrEddie BelveGall - "Brothers from different mothers" is a serious understatement!
There was an English man, Irish man and an American...they enjoyed a man hug. Shit joke, sorry...
Harry, Rob and Ryan take a break from the demo at Central for a quick geography lesson.
Dinner time in soggy Manchester with Ryan, Danny and tm Dave. Always amusing seeing the Americans enjoying their 1st butty shop experience.
Kenny trys the sun dance but he knew he'd have his work cut out in Manchester.
Strictly business, yo.
Scabby Eddie got this beauty ripped off by his good lady Heather.
Chillin! Everyone apart from the wired one Gav that is. (Check out the comedy expression on Kenny's face...)