Independent Skate brands VS Major Corporations; the ongoing debate of the future and ethics of skateboarder owned footwear companies against the major companies infiltrating skateboarding

There has been an ongoing debate regarding skateboarding footwear in terms of ethics, finance and the future of the industry.

This subject is something people feel very strongly about and rightly so as it does affect skateboarding industry wise and it’s not quite as black and white as people may think.

This 3 way interview with Pierre Andre Senizergues (ETNIES FOUNDER & OWNER), Kelly Bird (LAKAI BRAND MANAGER) and Keith Hufnagel (HUF FOUNDER) has some incredibly interesting insights regarding independent skate brands and the influx of major corporations.

To read the interview click here or click any of the images below.

Whilst we’re here have a read about what Marc Johnson had to say on the same subject.

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