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Horsey’s “The High Five in Vegas” blog – part 2

Horsey’s “The High Five in Vegas” blog – part 2

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

As we stated yesterday, The High Five’s UK connection, Scott “Horsey” Walker, has just returned home to London straight off the back of a trip with his High Five team mates to Las Vegas. To kill a bit of jet lag, Horsey decided to fire us over a two part blog of the trip, the second and final part can now be found below.

Snaps and captions by Horsey…

Just a bunch of grown ass men playing in a ditch on a Tuesday afternoon.
Gotta fix it up to rip it up.
Sometimes to skate those perfect American spots you have to build a damn out of sand and human shit...
Preston Harper risking all.
Kenny Anderson skateboarding photo
Kenny Anderson blessed the session with a back tail.
Nothing can get in the way of Nesser and a good frisbee session.
Putting coins on the train tracks never gets old.
Too much Tiger Piss too soon for Bart Jones.
Preston's favourite English thing to say is "its not gay" pronounced "S'not gay".
Last day of the trip. Vegas has beaten us all.

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