The Harmony do Berlin Blog: Part 3

The third and final official round of bloggings from The Harmony’s trip over to Berlin is online right now, with more snapshots from Joe Gavin, Jak Pietryga, Tony Da Silva, Ali Drummond, Jamie Errington, Pablo Aresu and the rest, and another bit of warm up footage from Jamie.

Have a browse below – check back tomorrow for a bonus blog from the trip!

Go visit Skatehalle park if in Berlin. It's ahnds down the best indoor park we have skated. Covered in RAD art like this too.
This IS how we roll!!!
Waiting for dryness while Tony performs street art.
Cherry Cornetto, not even in the UK yet! Jim actually smiled after getting this.
Harmony media division.
2x nob end.
Russian memorial - Great spot but would have been to lame to skate it.
Choose your caption - 'Brothers from different mothers' or 'Boozed up Brits abroad'?
Jed performing the Leo Sharp patented 'face shake' pic.
And Dom...
Now with added props.
Fred Durst popped round for some Limp Bizkit Karaoke.

Another warm up clip from Jamie:

More Skate Videos >>

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