H-Street, Danny Way, Guns in Mexico, Murder charges and more with Josh Swindell

Josh Swindell Interview- Muckmouth

Muckmouth are hosting an absolute powerhouse of an interview with Josh Swindell over on their site! Josh skated for a range of companies from the late 80’s through to the mid 90’s including H-Street, Think Skateboards and loads more.

This interview touches upon much speculation regarding Josh’s prison sentence for murder, the corrupt judge and lack of support Danny Way showed during this period, as well as seeing the contrast in life after his release. Imagine going to jail in 93 and coming out now to be handed an iphone. Bizarre is an understatement.

“Steve was wearing a size 8 Vans shoe that night and left that diamond sole pattern of a Vans shoe on Keith’s face and in blood around Keith’s final resting spot. Vans was my shoe sponsor from 1988 right up till the point of my arrest in 1993. I wore a size 10. There were no size 10 patterns anywhere in the vicinity.”

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