‘Goofy vs Regular: Eindhoven’ – video competition

Last weekend, Area 51 skatepark in Eindhoven played host to this years European leg of the Etnies ‘Goofy vs Regular’ showdown, which, as you’d expect, saw a turnout of heads for all over the place.

Three filmers were chosen to document the competition however they saw fit, with the winner receiving a cash payoff, have their edit included on the next installment of Puzzle, and given a budget to produce a Puzzle part with a rider of their choice.

Anyway, the three edits are online and ready to be judged now, so give them a watch and cast your vote accordingly. Spread out over the three edits are plenty of bangers from the likes of Sven Kilchenmann, Joe Lynskey, Woody Hoogendijk, Nicky Howells, Helder Lima and countless others.

Below is the edit from Hollands Sander Ferdinand – for the other two edits and instructions on how to vote, click here.

Our own UK heads heavy coverage from ‘Goofy vs Regular’ is coming soon – keep an eye out! Eindhoven – Sander Ferdinand from Goofy versus Regular Eindhoven on Vimeo.