Girl vs Anti Hero demo footage!

“The Beauty and The Beast” Girl and Anti Hero joint hit ‘The Department of Skateboarding’ in Portland last week, and thanks to the internet, it doesn’t matter that the demo went down several thousands of miles away, as some great people who live in America filmed the whole thing for you!

P-Stone was on hand to document the whole thing for Thrasher, whilst Colin Clark was there to film the thing off his own back. Click on the respective links below to view each clip, featuring shocking demo footage from the likes of Mike Carroll, Eric Koston, Tony Trujillo, Andrew Allen, Robbie Russo, Rick Howard, Rick McCrank, Brian Anderson, Frank Gerwer and more…

No doubt more footage will appear as the tour rolls on, watch this space for further updates.

P-Stones Thrasher footage

Colin Clarks ‘Vimeo’ edit

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