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Get Lesta 'What's Cookin'?' - part 11: Will Golding.

Get Lesta 'What's Cookin'?' - part 11: Will Golding.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray


Nottingham’s technically minded Unabomber Skateboards representative, Mr Will Golding, steps up in order to take care of the closing section from Get Lesta’s 2012 DVD What’s Cookin’?

Prepare to be shocked. Filmed and edited by Callun Loomes.

Get3 is currently in progress – stay tuned for teasers and all the rest.

  1. see cook

    oh my fucking god. this guy is outstandingly good…fuck. sign him up, lakai

  2. Jonthan Bell

    jheeeeze! absolute boss

  3. facebook_supertoxic.urethane

    yes Will. smashing it!


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