“Fully Flared” Premier Photo Gallery

Guess where we were at 7:15 last night? Legging it through Leicester Square in the pouring rain to make it here.

Korahn Gayle and Andy Makepeace escaped the magnetic draw of College Green, Bristol…

..whilst Leon Bottomley, Rory Martinez and Joe Lynskey managed to escape the magnetic draw of Hyde Park, Leeds.

Grove managed to get some Ragga pirate radio station to give a shout out to “Jebend” earlier in the day. He was stoked.

“Fully Brewstered” begins. Brewster and Biebel

Brewster and Brady

Brewster and Nugget

Brewster and Snowy

Brewster and Cates

Brewster and Chez

Brewster and Mathieu Tourneur

Brewster and Mike Carroll

Brewster and Rob Welsh

Brewster and Binman? Here ends the best drunken idea I’ve ever had for a photo blog. Sorry Brewster…

Powley takes a look into an odd mirror made of paper.

It’s goodnight from Leicester…

…and it’s goodnight from Baines and Lynskey.

A massive thanks to all at Revival for making the night happen.

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