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Friends section - "Bubblegum Weekend" (1991/1992). Rare Penny, Evans...

Friends section - "Bubblegum Weekend" (1991/1992). Rare Penny, Evans...

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Fraser Hamilton’s been digging in the vaults and has uploaded the friends section from “Bubblegum Weekend”, the 1991/1992 London based video produced by Fraser, Mark Channer and Mike Manzoori.

See below for three minutes of super rare footage from the likes of Simon Evans and a mini Tom Penny, amongst several other Southern heads of time and visiting friends.

Nice work Fraser – keep ’em coming!

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  1. mb

    Rad to finally see this. I went to uni ’92 – ’95 with a guy called Mark Holmes, an Uxbridge mini local I think, who told me he was at college with Manzoori when this was being made and helped with the filming. I never got to see this, but still have a treasured original vhs of Sound & Vision, Mike’s next film. More please, but what’s with the Army ads? This ain’t transworld.

  2. Ts

    Love it can we have more early 90’s stuff more big jeans!
    The army ads are bad what next the Navy sponsoring the Livi Jam?This isn’t the U.S.A.

  3. Nizzle

    lovely – Tesco’s car park in Uxbridge was a killer spot! props to Ben Jobe too :)


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