Forty Two’s ‘Nottingham Skate Series’ – dates and locations here!

…OK, so that’s not the events proper name, but read below to find out the specifics then be sure to get involved!

The skateboard community is growing in Nottingham and we’re working hard to build it up to surpass its former glories.

This year we’re holding a series of six skate competitions based at six different locations around the city of Nottingham.

The events will start on the last Sunday in March and continue on the last Sunday of each month until the end of August.

Each event will be divided into three age categories – 15 and under, 16 to 21 and over 21.

Participants will receive a score based on their finishing position. This will determine the winner of each comp.

The total accumulated score for each skater will be used to determine an overall winner for the series of comps.

Competition Dates/Locations:

31/03/13 – Maple Street Jam
28/04/13 – Arnold Bowl Jam
26/05/13 – Carlton Jam
30/06/13 – West Bridgford
28/07/13 – Long Eaton
25/08/13 – Secret Street Location

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