éS “To Europe With Love” tour photo-blog 2

After a slight delay caused by archaic internet connections, we’re back up and running with blog business from the currently underway éS “To Europe With Love” tour. The second round of photos are ready for your consumption underneath, so get on the case and await further updates from the road…

Yo these puppies are 3-D son!
Xtreme flavour in 3-D
One of the best humans ever - Joe 'Fatback' Brook - stoked on Tunnocks
Viva Slap...
Kellen James repping the new Sk8mafia neck ring...
The new Focus store; 2 minutes from the best skatepark in the UK - stoked!
"I f**cking love Quavers..."
Backstreet's back - alright!
Mike Anderson - street life in Auld Reekie
Livi Scum - cheers Stu!
Hotel crew shot, issit?
Oh yes, it's real...

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