éS “To Europe With Love” tour blog 4

The fourth and final blog from the éS Footwear “To Europe With Love” UK tour is now online, which sees the crew rolling deep in Oxford, with a couple of bonus snapshots from along the way tagged on at the bottom of the page.

Click here to check out the demo footage from Prime in Plymouth.

Tanner appeared in Corby fresh from France and carrying mini Cheddars
Standard kerb chill.
Big ups to Mon, Budd, Zac and all at the marvellous SS20
Kevin and Bobby assessing their consumer options
Jimmy McDonald stoked on falafels.
Partners in rhyme - Josh Matthews and Ben Raemers
Ricardo Paterno with near upskirt BGP's
Who's knackered? We're knackered....
Finest Swiss TM and injured Ohio type
Zac hooked shit up - cheers mate!
Taste the Middle East on Cowley Rd
A'deen thugs kill all visiting Tunnocks.

Best graff ever.

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