éS “To Europe With Love” tour blog 3

The third round of snapshots and video from last weeks éS Footwear “To Europe With Love” tour is online now and ready to be browsed below. Keep an eye out for the article and full tour video from the trip, both of which are due to appear over the coming months.

Anyway, scroll away, more bloggings tomorrow…

Scuba and Justin chilling in the Steel City
Percy and Smashers - both beasts of the highest order. Oh yeah, and Joe Brook's arse...
Bag nause.
10 year old Bondo job
Street Yoga
"Big money!"
The Independent has its uses - fixing cracks with headlines.
It's a TM-off!

All the while, Nicky Howells spins out:

MPORA Action Sports >>

Corby bag nause up.
"Does anyone know where my iPod is?"
Sign off.
Van toilet.

And here are a couple of snaps Seb Palmer sent over from the UK premiere of Macho Taildrop…

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