Epicly Later’d: John Cardiel

Part 10 is online now, with John talking about Anti Hero trips, Phelps and the infamous Car Wash bank drop.

Click the player below to watch the episode, and read what O’Dell has just published on his blog…

“There isn’t much left to say about Cardiel that hasn’t already been said, but did I mention this is coming out as a free DVD in a few weeks? You can watch all 83 minutes in a row on your TV. I think when the DVDs come in, I’m gonna fed-ex some free copies to some pro skaters that I feel are doing it all wrong—you know, guys who sit around and complain about spots, paychecks, tours, filming ,or getting second in a contest—just so they can see how Cardiel approaches it all. I’m serious, John Cardiel is the world’s most perfect pro skater. So many things he’s said in these interviews have rattled around in my head for weeks, truly inspiring.”

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