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Emerica 'MADE - Chapter One' - full video online now!

Emerica 'MADE - Chapter One' - full video online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Following on from its release and UK screenings yesterday, Thrasher have got the exclusive online premiere of the incredible new Emerica offering ‘MADE – Chapter One’.

With full, shocking sections from Collin Provost, Leo Romero, Brandon Westgate and a surprise part from am Jeremy Leabres, you’re quite literally mugging yourself off if you don’t give yourself the time to take this one in. It’s quite literally gripping viewing from start to end…

Don’t forget, the special edition DVD and book package is available in all good skate shops right now too, so if you like what you see, go grab yourself a physical copy before they’re all gone.

  1. köljlkjk

    i seriously doubt that brandon westgate is a human being :O he’s one of the best 5 street skateboarders in the world that’s for sure!

  2. murray

    File not found ?? :(

  3. Dinesh Tiwari


  4. big tits

    big tits


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