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Denis Lynn does Barcelona - blog online now!

Denis Lynn does Barcelona - blog online now!

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Superdead’s MonkeyBird connection Denis Lynn and a selection of Belfast locals have just returned from a couple of weeks stint out in the sunny climes of Barcelona, skating, chilling, filming and hammering each other at ping pong.

Check out Dlynn’s snapshots from the trip now! Photos by The MonkeyBird Documentation Army.

Denis demonstrates how to 'chill tough'.
Bad Buzz number 1.
Bad Buzz number 2 - ring Tez!
The new Superdead ghetto graphic series - coming soon?
Getting psyched on statues.
Drop in hammers.
More chilling tough, MB stylez.
Ping Pong - round 1
Ping Pong - round 2
Frontside wallride ender.

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