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Death 'Ordinary Madness' - Part 4: Rob Smith.

Death 'Ordinary Madness' - Part 4: Rob Smith.

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

“Rob attacks life head on, full bore. He’s constantly jetting off here or there, skating all over the world. Living a crazy life. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be possible to capture even a small part of his particular brand of madness on a section, its spontaneous stuff. But as it turns out, I think we do get a decent glimpse into Rob world. The gnar, unusual tricks, drunken antics, the killer soundtrack by Manchesters Broke’N’£nglish, in my eyes all add up to a refreshing, and very watchable video part.”- Nick Zorlac.

Disclaimer: Kids, don’t eat glass. Cheers.

Check back on Wednesday for more from the Death lot…


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