Dates And Times To Josh Stewart’s Highly Anticipated Static IV Premiere

The Stativ IV premiere is tantalizingly close and we are unbelievably hyped! Details for the London premiere are on the poster, the trailer is posted below and Josh Stewart released this piece of text to accompany. YEEEEEEAAAH!

“The Static video series started in 1999 with the goal of shedding light on the underground skate scene up and down the east coast. But it soon expanded to the west and across the globe to include the personalities and talents of the underground scene that offered something unique to skateboarding. Now, 15 years later, the series comes to a close with the final chapter ‘Static IV’. This series grand finale brings an overwhelming amount of talent from NYC, SF, Florida, London, Paris and even LA and wraps it all up with a series of cameos and surprises that will satisfy any fan of underground skateboarding. With a line-up including Aaron Herrington, Quim Cardona, Jake Johnson, Yonnie Cruz, Vivien Feil, Ben Gore, Jimmy Lannon, Kevin Tierney, Steve Brandi, Jahmal Willams and many more it is a perfect combination of styles and personalities that we’re proud to have together under one project. And proud to offer as the final piece from the Static saga” – Josh Stewart.

STATIC IV TEASER from Josh Stewart on Vimeo.

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