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Dan Cates does the ONE at Slam City Skates party - part 1

Dan Cates does the ONE at Slam City Skates party - part 1

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Dan Cates found himself at the ONE at Slam City Skates opening party on Saturday, which took place at the Covent Garden store with a Muska-Beatz fueled after part taking place in East London. “Euro Trippin'” crew members Ali Boulala, Vaughan Baker and Horsey were back in town for the launch, this time joined by Chad Muska and latest Supra signing Stevie Williams

As ever, Dan had his faithful point and shoot camera on him, so decided to document the day for a two part blog that we’ll be running on the site over today and tomorrow. Have a scroll below for part 1 of Dans snapshots, and head on over to either the Kr3w Site or the Slam City site for more bloggings from the opening shindig.

Snaps and captions by Daniel Cates.

Chad Muska, Stevie Williams, Ali Boulala skateboard photo
Muska, Stevie, Vaughan, Boulala and Horsey. Now that's a line up!
Chad Muska and Stevie Williams skateboard photo
he Muska and Stevie tirelessly signing stuff for the fans in Slam's basement.
Boots skateboard photo
Boots kickin' it out front with his mate Ben Jobe.
Vaughan Baker and Chad Muska skateboard photo
What can I say? Two peas in a pod. Vaughan Baker and The Muska.
Manu skateboard photo
Manu and Henry share a moment.
Stevie Williams skateboard photo
Now here's a photo I never thought I would be taking: Adam and Jane of I-five distribution and Stevie Williams of DGK. Hell Yeah!
Slam City Skates photo
The Ampthill mobs finest member, Marshall Taylor - proprietor of Slam City Skates and all round nice guy. "Marshall, you have been promising me that we will go for a skate together for at least 10 years now, what gives?"
Karim and Boots skateboard photo
Ol' Dirty Karim and Big Bang Boots catch up on old times.
Kr3w skateboard photo
Who's party was it again?
Boot skate photo
Boots takes a quick flute lesson from Ben 'I'm Not Crazy' Jobe up in the club.
3 pimps in a skateboard party photo
"3 pimps, no hoes" Farris, Grey's Henry Kingsford and Lex the Impaler.

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