Dan Cates “Mega Monster Copenhagen 2011″ blog – part 9

The CPH Pro weekend continues – here what Cates saw with his point n’ shoot…

Just your standard steering wheel outside of the car shot.Oh for Gods sake not this guy again. Sam, get out of my blog.
If you're going into battle make sure you are dressed for the occasion.
This guy rode for Blueprint and Santa Cruz and made the Flip video, not bad for somebody from the Orkney islands. Ewan Bowman, one love.
I'm sure this guy had the last section on the first Element video? Jeff Pang on the mic.
"Rainbows don't mean shit."
The evil Rob Smith drools, as the happy go lucky Raven Tershy lurks in the background.
Time for a change of gear?
Yes you are absolutely right, this is another photo of Tom Penny. If you don't like it maybe you should throw your self into the sea
The best trick contest really started to heat up.
Luan won the contest hands down.
These guys look like trouble.
At night, the dead walk the earth...with Louie Lopez.
Chris Cole rules! 3rd place cheque y'all.
Kill City meets Anti Hero.

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