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Dan Cates “Mega Monster Copenhagen 2011″ blog – part 4

Dan Cates “Mega Monster Copenhagen 2011″ blog – part 4

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

After a bit of a break over the weekend, Dan Cates “Mega Monster Copenhagen 2011″ blog is back!

Scroll below to see what the crew got up to in the week between Rune’s 25th Anniversary and the CPH Pro contest now – more soon…

Skateboarding is all about attitude, right?
Rained out in Malmo.
Dustin Dollin skateboarding photo
The sun came out for the Volcom demo and so did Dustin Dollin.
We went to 'The Hole' with the worlds weirdest skateboarder, Pontus Alv, and he even swept the spot so that the crew could shred.
Pontus Alv skateboarding photo
In the words of the worlds weirdest skateboarder: "You don't get to skate this kind of hot shit every day".
Pontus Alv skate photo
Pontus is still the mayor of Malmo, but Steppe side is toast.
Pontus Alv skateboarding photo
T.B.S. is also 'The hot shit' and Pontus will not hesitate to let you know that.
Back in Copenhagen and street spots a plenty.
Chico's bank!

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