Dan Cates does Estonia – blog 2

The second and final round of snapshots from Dan Cates’ mission to Simpel Session 2011 in Estonia is now ready for you to have a look through below, with more random happenings from last weekends comp.

Don’t forget to check out Hold Tight Henry’s Simpel Sessions Highlights if you have yet to do so.

Nice one Dan for hooking this lot up!

It wasn't me, I swear...
That's what you get for being a lamo and not coming to the club.
Are you noticing a theme here? When you arrive in Tallin you had better be ready for Girls, clubs and party time.
Estonians in their natural habitat.
Girls, blah blah blah...
Even Thomas Vintr and some dude with a large cranium can get a girl to pose with them for a photo.
Oh yes, you had better believe that Austin Seaholme was there.
Peter Ramondetta is a nice guy...
And so is Hold Tight Henry.
Did somebody say "live webcast"?
The esteemed panel of judges.
Deeli caught on camera, or is that Matt Clarke?

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