Dan Cates does Death’s ‘Fifteen Year Tour’ – part 1.

Dan Cates and his trusty ‘point and shoot’ camera are back, this time around taking you on a five part journey behind the scenes of Death’s UK based ‘Fifteen Year Tour’!

Have a click through the first installment below, then keep checking back daily for more snapshots featuring the likes of Benson, Rob Smith, Mark Radman, Ronny Calow, Mike Simons, Mikey Patrick, Moggins, Adam Moss, Blinky, Nudge, Sam Murgatroyd, Dean Palmer and Matt Pennington.

Don’t forget, the accompanying ‘A-Z of Death: 15 Years Deep’ article can be found waiting for you in the pages of Sidewalk 207 which is available from skateshops up and down the country as I type, and the full edit from the tour dropped online yesterday – click here to view!

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