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Creature Skateboards “Crue-sades” UK tour blog – part 3

Creature Skateboards “Crue-sades” UK tour blog – part 3

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Ben and Jerome are on the blogging case again, coming correct with the third installment of snapshots from the current Creature Skateboards “Crue-sades” UK jaunt.

Have a scroll below to see what’s been happening – check back soon for more!

Ben Devine skateboarding photo
Freddie Mercury.
Hesh Jenga.
Alex Horn skateboarding photo
Alex Horn sharing his Mini Eggs.
Navarette skateboarding photo
Welcome to the Toon!
 Al Partanen skateboarding photo
Native repoing Al Partanen's Swoosh

Van Standard.
Colin Adam skateboarding photo
Six Pack.
On the Native street lurk.
Rain stops play...
Rory Milanes skateboarding photo

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