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Click Bait 2013: The Year in Review – Part 2.

Mark Suciu – Habitat “Search the Horizon” – Dec 2013

Fuck your ‘SOTY’ year race, Mark Suciu waits for all that nonsense to be over and then drops what’s undoubtedly one of the parts of the year. Or ‘of all time’ if you want to get all Yeezus about it.

We’re talking an actual game changer here, proper ‘in a league of his own’ shit.“suciu actually had 3 parts…“

“back noseblunt wasn’t even his last trick”

“That million trick line he did at the municipal building in Philly that ended with the switch crook is one of the best lines I’ve ever seen.”

Not only did Suciu stop the game in its unexpected tracks, he also came through with footage from all over the globe, including a healthy grip of clips from a recent visit to the Big Smoke, which was obviously noted by UK based skateboarding commentators:

“didn’t think i could like sucui any more, then he goes and drops some croydon footage. good lad”

Internet banter also confirmed Genius Suciu Sr’s contribution to the modern age – the creation of Autofocus, though he never made any money from it.

“Sometimes when you’re so advanced, you don’t understand how advanced you are” Mark is quoted as saying when asked about his fathers invention in a recent interview.

Something you can relate to there Mark, surely?