Something for the Weekend

Click Bait 2013: The Year in Review – Part 1.

Magenta’s PANIC IN GOTHAM – Feb 2013
Dropping the same month as its Palace counterpart above and utilizing a similar aesthetic of fish-eye footage (albeit without the ironic vignette), deserted New York streets, hip hop and low impact skateboarding, Magenta threw their organic pork pie hat into the ring with this high brow skid vid which was originally filmed in late 2012 as NYC was shut down for Hurricane Sandy.
Featuring an array of Frenchmen alongside NYC locs and other Yanks, Panic in Gotham deliberately set its sights on a more self-aware theme than its contemporaries by executing paradigm-shifts such as including lines with two consecutive ollies, wearing lots of camo gear and generally excelling in ‘doing not very much but making it look good’. Racking up close to 67k views on Magenta’s official YouTube page obviously means they were doing something right however, despite a clear split in responses to the clip encompassing everything from:
half this video is boarderline longboarding with all these ridiculous powerslides and reverts_” from renowned YouTube critic Michal Knara – through to more positive comments such as, “So fucking sick this is true skateboarding so stoked to see these people kill it like this. Fast and dirty no fucking pretty hs handrails” from the always sagacious Internet head ‘don’t worry about it’.
Extra mentions must go out to filmer Colin ‘mandible claw’ Read who not only won fans globally by exposing the treachery behind the demented balls-up that was the final Slap OIAM, but also managed to log onto to multiple forums across the world under various pseudonyms to serve out self-props for his own filming – now that’s commitment.