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Cliché Skateboards “Bullseye UK Tour” blog – part 3

Cliché Skateboards “Bullseye UK Tour” blog – part 3

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

“Newcastle was amazing; Native has such a good thing going out there. Waa waa! The kid with the smallest wheels won wheels, and another kid beat Lucas at darts and got a board. Then we had a weird ass drive up to Edinburgh…” – Sami.

Tanner gets Native.

Joey mobbed as usual.
Gateshead crowd.
RIP Bingo.
Gateshead picnic session.
Oh yeah, before Newcastle we stopped by Huddersfield - big up Endemic!
Breakfast at Newcastle - really hoped we'd have spent more time there. Sick spots, sick town!
Morning demo by Stu Graham got everyone hyped up. Soughton tomorrow, Focus signing and 10 year party.

Yeah so reflective...
Luigi Dio has joined the party - having a great time!

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