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CHARGE! Polar do Wakefield - Oski, David, Hjalte...

CHARGE! Polar do Wakefield - Oski, David, Hjalte...

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Oskar, David and Hjalte head to Thornes Park in Wakefield for a scooter plagued session during their 2013 UK visitation.

Pick up a copy of Sidewalk 205 now to see for yourself exactly what else the crew got up to as they charged the north during the final days of summer.

Filmed by: Pontus Alv, Ben Powell and James Cruickshank.

  1. Veteran

    Just lost all respect for Hjalte, Pontus and this company. Grown men bullying little kids because they are out having fun? Grow the fuck up, assholes!

    1. Dylan Klebold

      Bullying? Fuck off you pussy, they were just giving the kid some advice and they weren’t particularly mean about it.


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