Ben Raemers & Co do Gnar Canaria – blog 1

Gnar Canaria calling!

Thrasher cover boy Ben Raemers, Scott Howes, Will Harmon, “Ginger Prince” Chris Oliver, Sam “Vert Meat” Beckett, Little Prince Double D Daryl Dominguez and the very special guest Barney Page + a hefty support machine, pack their bags and head south to Gran Canaria for a week, with tickets kindly provided by Dwindle UK (thanks Leigh and Matt!).

Keep an eye on the site all this week for a variety of random happenings, starting right now with the first collection of snapshots…

Booze 1, will power 0 - Ben Raemers, first beer of the day at 11am...
Arrival in Gran Canaria and awaiting for the rest of the CBBK mandem - Raemers doth chillax
Special guest for the trip on the mid winter footage hunt, Barney Albazaar Page.
Sam Beckett contemplating vert meat intake...
Scott Howes is on board and holding it down for the Hold Tight massive.
They're not kidding. WiFi = no.
You think whoever sorted your package was trying to tell you something Sam?
Chroliver racking it up! First day lines in the bag...
Rain stopping play...
Shelter from the storm.

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