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Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria – Scott Howes guest blog 3

Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria – Scott Howes guest blog 3

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

The third and final part of our guest Gnar Canaria blog from Enjoi UK representative Scott Howes is now ready to be browsed at your leisure, with snapshots from the final days of the Gran Canaria mission with Ben Raemers, Chris Oliver, Sam Beckett, Will Harmon, Daryl Dominguez, special guest Barney Page and Howsey (behind the lens).

There’s one more final blog from the trip to follow before the end of the week, stay tuned!

Chris Oliver skateboarding photo
Chris shoes you how local honey rum should be consumed - straight out of a vase!
Ben Raemers skateboarding photo
Round two at the Japanese place and Ben somehow manages to dodge food poisoning.
Barney Page skateboarding photo
Battle over...
Breakfast skateboarding photo
Breakfast of choice for many...
A photo of an amazing skatepark.
The best skatepark in all of Gran Canaria - that fact we never got to skate this beast will haunt us all forever, I'm sure.
Barney Page skateboarding photo
Barney stoked on his mini-mate.
341 skateboarding photo
Had to be done - 341, this place was amazing.
Sami skateboarding photo
Massive props again to Sami for TM'ing the hell out of the whole thing! Cheers boss!

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