Ben Raemers and co do Gnar Canaria – Scott Howes guest blog 2

Scott Howes trusty digital camera comes through with another bunch of snapshots from the recent Gran Canaria mission, with Ben Raemers, Chris Oliver, Sam Beckett, Will Harmon, Daryl Dominguez, special guest Barney Page and Howsey himself where the timer allows.

Have a look below and check back tomorrow for more!

Will gets involved at one of Sami's specialist steak-offs.
Failed shotgun - soaked jacket.
Prop that shit up on a chair, set the timer...crew shot!
Room 311 - the scene of many a footage party and unofficial warm up spot for the evening.
Waiting for the cars - b-ball courts WiFi lurk on.
Do-do-da-do do-do-do do-da-do da.
Yam dat pizza Barns!
The Dubs Harm Ditch via Howsey-vision.
Will's ditch eventually took him down - the concrete beast was pretty unforgiving.
Ben Raemers - slowly covering himself in cartoons.

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