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New Ben Grove edit from Zukie Clothing

New Ben Grove edit from Zukie Clothing

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Following on from John Bell’s clip last week, Zukie Clothing have just dropped another quick video, this time with team rider/Zukie ambassador Ben Grove as he hammers his way around Manchester over the course of two days.

Filmed and edited by Phil Harvey…

  1. Ryan Harvey

    no offence mate but i know Zukie clothing and i know the people who own it dougie has nothing to do with the skating side of it grove and bomber do all the skating side while dougie and jason perry rock do the music side so what if dougie from mcfly part of the brand he only part of it the brand itself has soo many more people and the skating the brand does is out of hand everytime we go out we have a laugh but we all push each other to do better

  2. rich g


  3. Bomber

    Johnny where did you get your information? Doug dose not own Zukie ! I do with Ben grove . But if any pop stars want to invest , I could do with the cash . Bomb

  4. Ryan Harvey



  5. johnny smith

    I got if off your website??

  6. Dan

    I dont really give a shit but would like to point out i was told the same thing…dougie also mentioned it in an interview and said it was named after his pet lizard??you might want to contact him and ask why hes giving your company a bad name??

  7. Wussup haters

    Haha is this for real??surely not??wasnt he in busted??bad times!!

  8. Keithy

    I personally dont believe ben grove would go into business with a company that was affiliated with a member of mcfly…on the other hand if it is true i wont be supporting it!!


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