All new boards from Death – check it!

Word straight in from Zorlac – new Death wood is available at your local stockist right now!

“Dean Palmer and Adam Moss, as well as having straight up killed it for the last few years are two of the nicest blokes you could ever meet.
Check out their sections in the new Ordinary Madness dvd.
Dean also has some recent footage here.
We are proud that they are turning pro for Death.
Deans board has landed first, the Dean Palmer ‘Death Dome’ model. Art by Alastair Mooney.
Also there are the new Richie Jackson Stoned and Patrick Melcher Bottle decks, graphics by AyeJay.
And the Ordinary Madness swirl deck, graphic by JayBone.”

Richie Stoned 8.125″

Patrick Melcher Bottle 8.25″

Dean Palmer Death Dome 8.125″

Ordinary Madness Swirl deck 8.25″

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