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Alex Moul's Maloof Money Cup Blog

Alex Moul's Maloof Money Cup Blog

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Last weekend Alex Moul was on the judging panel at the Orange County Maloof Money Cup, and in-between witnessing some ballistic skateboarding, he decided to shoot us a bunch of blog photos.

Have a scroll below to see Maloof from a Mouls-eye view…

Nice one Alex!

Judging on an iPad - big time!
Who you be?
Mouly and The Duff!
The OC Fair.
Arto - FS Lein
Bob Burnquist - FS Nosegrind
Bucky (I think...)
Christopher Cole - BS Flip.
The Maloof Crowd!
Mr Gonzales - FS Flip.
Booze n' Tits - FS Noseblunt
Elissa and her Krooked guest board.
Omar and the course.
T-Puds and a switch kickflip.
T-Puds and a switch kickflip 5050.
Tom Asta - Frontside flip 5050.

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