Alex Moul’s Maloof Money Cup Blog

Last weekend Alex Moul was on the judging panel at the Orange County Maloof Money Cup, and in-between witnessing some ballistic skateboarding, he decided to shoot us a bunch of blog photos.

Have a scroll below to see Maloof from a Mouls-eye view…

Nice one Alex!

Judging on an iPad - big time!
Who you be?
Mouly and The Duff!
The OC Fair.
Arto - FS Lein
Bob Burnquist - FS Nosegrind
Bucky (I think...)
Christopher Cole - BS Flip.
The Maloof Crowd!
Mr Gonzales - FS Flip.
Booze n' Tits - FS Noseblunt
Elissa and her Krooked guest board.
Omar and the course.
T-Puds and a switch kickflip.
T-Puds and a switch kickflip 5050.
Tom Asta - Frontside flip 5050.

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