The 2010 Crayon Skateboards Tour Blog: Days 3, 4 & 5

The second and final round of blog photos from the 2010 Crayon Skateboards summer tour is now online, covering days 3, 4 and 5 of the trip.

Have a look below now, and stay tuned for more from the tour in the near future…

Snaps and captions by Mike Ridout.

Day Three:

Got to stay at Chris's great crib in Bristol. Nice one boss!
Welsh Tommy refuses to do anything without a fag and the promise of beers.
Filmer Nick's car needed a jumpstart on one of the busiest roads in Bristol. Dykie nominated himself to divert traffic.
We were meant to go street skating today, but decided to skate some more Wheelscape parks, Filton was rad. Game of skate on the rail, going off!
John 'I used to ride for Blueprint' Fisher joined the tour.

Day Four:

First demo where it was actually dry and kids showed up. Big ups to Russ at Ape Skates for getting the word out!
Dykie, once again sorting out the burgers for everyone, which may or may not have given me food poisoning.
James is good at self portraits.
The kid who caught this board doesn't even skate.
Quick stop off at Barbers down in Exeter to charge the ol' batteries, then back to camping.

Day Five:

After a night of hell due to food poisoning, getting woken up by the police was a relief.
Dykies car wouldn't work, James 'master of jumpstarts' Coyle was stoked when it finally worked.
Wetherspoons breakfast on Dykie, stoked!
Wileman has great aim when it comes to throwing butter at Korhan.
Teighmouth, filled with scooter kids that Korhan clothelined.
Dykie with an ice cream at the seaside. Look how happy he is!

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