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Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch has been active on the skate scene for over a decade, first appearing in Blueprint Skateboards’ legendary First Broadcast (2001) and the Belong Tour video from 2002. Moving on to Landscape Skateboards, his parts have featured in the Chris Massey-edited Portraits from 2003 and Alan Glass’s Horizons from 2008.

He has recently taken over the reins at Landscape, organising a new range of UK-made apparel to celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary, and taking the team, including Joe Gavin and Joleon Pressey, out to Athens to coincide with a Sidewalk article and tight edit by Sean Lomax. He also worked with old friends Toby Shuall and Dan Callow to open the east London branch of Slam City Skates.

Snowy was born in Lancaster in the north of England, but fell in love with London after first visiting the city as a ten-year-old. After contracting the skating bug in Manchester, where he skated with riders such as current Landscape teammate Gavin, he moved south full-time at the age of 15, when he lived in a skate house in Bromley and went skating all day in the City.

Now aged 30, he has been based in the capital ever since, playing a major part in the rise of British skateboarding. As well as Landscape and Slam City Skates, Snowy is also currently sponsored by Hélas, Paradise Wheels, Stella Supply Co and Altamont (flow), and has travelled the world as part of the Nike SB UK team, including trips to New York City and Australia.