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Paul Shier

Paul Shier joined forces with old friend and former Blueprint teammate Nick Jensen in early 2013 to form the experimental skate/art collective Isle Skateboards, which was soon receiving good reviews for a series of eye-catching films.

Previously with Panic/Blueprint, Paul had a full part in Anthems in 1998, before switching to Blueprint full-time, where he appeared in the full-lengths videos Lost and Found (2005) and Make Friends WIth The Colour Blue (2010). However, along with all his teammates, he left Blueprint in November 2012, so ending a 16-year association with the company (including a spell as owner).

Born in Croydon, just to the south of London, Paul began skating at the age of 13 after seeing ‘some kid at school’ with a neon blue and pink Rob Roskopp, and he hasn’t stopped since. He secured his first sponsorship deal at the age of 21, and, not surprisingly, he quit his job as an airport check-in assistant soon after. As well as Isle, Paul is currently sponsored by DVS, Diamond Supply Co., Broadcast Wheels and Remind Insoles.

After all these years, Paul is still killing it on the board, while also wearing the hat of a businessman in his guise of co-owner at Isle. His skating has taken him around the world, including spells living in Spain and Los Angeles, and trips to Iceland, Ecuador, and Germany, but he is now happily settled back in London, giving his all to his new company.