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Sidewalk Magazine issue 181

Sidewalk Magazine issue 181

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The Big Push 2011 is here! Full articles and edits from…

Converse: With Harry Lintell, Rory Milanes, Yann Horowitz, an injured Jerome Campbell and special guest Clint Peterson.

Shiner: With Josh “Manhead” Young, Jed Cullen, James Coyle, Nicky Howells and Robbie Brockel.

Adidas: With Joe Marks, Boots, Karim Bahktoui, Benny Fairfax, Chewy Cannon, Gunez Ozdogan and a bit of Benson.

DC Shoes: With Sean Smith, Jody Smith, Leo Smith, Sam Pulley, John Bell, Dylan Hughes, Steven King and Dave Snaddon.

Etnies: With Joe Gavin, Barney Page, Caradog Emanuel, Taylor Oakley and special guest Alex Cruysberghs.

Nike SB: With Neil Smith, Jak Pietryga, Chris Jones, Tom Harrison and Korahn Gayle.

Vans: With Denis Lynn, Nick Remon, Shaun Currie, Joe O’Donnell, Daryl Dominguez, Jake Collins, Matthew Nevitt and Jirka Bulin.

PLUS – Mark Brewster’s “Desert Island Decks”, Hans-Joachim Roedelius “Bite My Wire” interview, new competitions and more!

  1. mb

    just stumbled across this did anyone else get the reference to Cates’ old mucker Simon Woodstock?

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