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Sidewalk magazine issue 175

Word: Dan Cates – Daniel Cates fires his words at you, along with some stunts.

Haunts: John Bell – Keen, keen, keener than keen John Bell throws himself along, down and across stuff for you.

Hotknives in Gnar Canaria – Sami takes the UK Dwindle crew for a hot rasp around Gran Canaria.

Hometown: Lee Rozee – The Needleside creator shares tales about Leeds and Bradford.

Chad Muska and Stevie Williams – Will Harmon sits down with Muska and Stevie to talk Supra, Kr3w and everything else.

Plus – Mikey Patrick, Paul Houldey, Nick Zorlac’s “Desert Island Decks”, “Snapshots” from Jerome Loughran, free stickers, Witness and more!

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