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Sidewalk Magazine issue 168

Sidewalk Magazine issue 168

Ryan Gray Ryan Gray

Haunts: Manhead – All grown up now, Joshua Young throws down and kills it!

Nike SB Likes Malmo – Don’t we all? The UK contingent go to visit Mr Danijel Stankovic and rip up Malmo too.

Gravis Gravy – Short but sweet Euro killing spree by the fully functional Gravis crew. With added Nords.

Heroin in Japan – The Heroin crew steer Deerman to things he can pivot fakie. Japanese concrete dreams aplenty.

Newquay 2010 – The “two girls in a flat” return and fill you in on this years booze fueled happenings.

PLUS Free stickers, First Lights galore, Vaughan Baker’s “Snapshots”, Witness, “Bite My Wire” with James Lavelle and more!

  1. Ryan

    i thought we were getting the Lrg video in this mag ?

  2. George

    Im on subscription on Sidewalk and it said free stickers on the front… i didnt get any… what happened there? aha :/

  3. Sam

    Didn’t get any stickers with mine

  4. Joff Talbot

    Same as George up there. When I eventually got my mag. through the door (just as well I wasn’t leaving my pad without it, seeming as it arrived on the 22nd of Sept.!!!! Send your reasons why to my add. please), there were no stickers in the mag. either.
    Being of the older skate generation old it’s not the worlds most do or die situation, I’d just like some understanding of what’s gonig on here and should I expect more of the same in coming months or we all good here? With extra sticker compensation. I would’ve emailed this someplace else but you don’t have a ‘contact us’ bit on this site.

  5. harry

    im on monthly subcription, and there is no stickers with this issue, when it clearly states “free stickers”.

  6. Billy Struth

    It says free stickers but I didn’t get any as well

  7. Billy Struth

    Does anyone know If there is someone I can contact about this sticker situation because clearly it’s effected lots of people?

  8. Aaron Martin

    i didnt get my free stickers :(

  9. Ryan

    There was a severe mix up with distribution this month, hence the lateness of the delivery and missing sticker situation. For more info see:

    If you are a subscriber and didn’t receive your free stickers with your mag this month, please email your full name and subscription address to and I’ll personally post you some out.


  10. George Boney

    Me too i not only didnt get the stickers but it also came really late!


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