Last Orders: Tony Da Silva

To round of a Harmony heavy week on the site, here we have Crewes very own Tony Da Silvas ‘Last Orders’, following on from ‘The Harmony in Greece’ blog we’ve been running since Monday.

For the blog entries, click on the relevant days below, and scroll to the bottom of the page for Tonys section from The Harmonys last full length offering, ‘Wolfstadt’.

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Drink you ordered : A Vina Skelapine, 1981

Person you spoke to: Joe Gavin, he just rang.

Trick you filmed : A backside flip with Mondon.

Photo you shot: A backside flip.

Country you visited: A backside…err, I mean Greece.

Thing you skated in your hometown: ‘The Venny’, best spot in Crewe. Good times.

Manchester indoor park session: Pump Cage with a sick crew, or Level 7 with Joe, Alex, Splodge, a couple of tinnies and some rollies.

Skate event you travelled to: I went to the opening of the new plaza in Skegness. It’s pretty powerful.

Trick you learnt: Feeble to fakie, it took 12 years.

Trick you lost: My magic trick with a match.

Book you read: The Da Vinci Code.

Time you were outraged: When it rained yesterday.

Piece of advice you received: “I don’t let any of this shit bother me coz compared to the size of the universe we are nothing” Bruce Pouncy.

Album you bought: Scam, ‘The Street Fraud’

Song you sang along to: Something today off 106.1 Rock Radio this morning. It’s amazing.

Film you watched and enjoyed: The ‘City of Men’ series or ‘Cronos’.

Film you watched and hated: ‘There Will be Blood’, some film about oil mines.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: ‘Hello Coco?’ by Ian Passmore

Piece of skate hardware you paid for: Some bolts and grip from Hollywood Skateshop in Sweden.

Website visited:

Thing you downloaded: Tried to watch Jak break the tre flip record but it didn’t work.

Clip watched on YouTube: Something about black holes.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Joe Gavin

Time you said “never again”: Last lime I flew with Ryan Air.

Item of importance that you lost: My girlfriends manicure voucher she got for Christmas.

Time you feared for your life: Last time I flew with Ryan Air.

Tony Da Silva, from The Harmonys ‘Wolfstadt’, available from all good skateshops now. Skateboarding Videos >>