Last Orders: Paul Regan

Hornseas favourite ex-internet lurker sorts us out his ‘Last Orders’ this week, with a bonus ‘Regan in Paris’ edit courtesy of Science tagged on to the bottom of the page!



Drink you ordered: Champagne from ‘Pozition’.

Person you spoke to: Banksy on the phone just now.

Trick you filmed: Nollie 270 kickflip over the hip at Bridlington.

Photo you shot: Nollie pop shuvit in Italy with Percy.

Country you visited: Italy.

Time you saw Scott Palmer: Last week…

Time you wish you lived somewhere other than Hornsea: Everyday. Ha ha!

Thing you skated in Hornsea: The skatepark, last week I think?

Thing you skated in Hull: Ings Skatepark.

Skate event you travelled to: Bridlington ‘Concrete Carnival’, a Vans event – it was sick!

Trick you learnt: Can’t remember! Erm…powerslides across the volcano at Ings? Maybe…

Trick you lost: Many! Ha…

Book you read: Does ‘Sidewalk’ count?

Time you were outraged: At the ex-girlfriend…

Piece of advice you received: Banksy – Telling me I should go to London this weekend.

Injury you suffered from: Shin-dig at Brid.

Time you thought about upgrading to Facebook: I went to Ami’s last night and she tried to make me one, I couldn’t be arsed, so she made me watch ‘Sex and the City’ instead. Stoked…

Time you posted on the forum: The other day about Brid ‘Concrete Carnival’ I think? Maybe it was last week?

Song listened to: ‘Beggin’, by that dude you told me about, ha!

Film you watched and enjoyed: The new ‘Batman’ film was amazing! Or ‘Hancock’.

Film you watched and hated: ‘Sex and the City’

Skate video you watched from start to finish: ‘Big Push 4′ or ‘This N That’.

Website visited: Sidewalk, checked the footage from Brid. The ‘Brid Local’ was actually Mirza From Hull.

Thing you downloaded: A song from a mate.

Time you rocked the ‘squid-ring': Ha, 2 years ago? Them days are long gone my friend!

Skateboarder who impressed you: Aaron Sweeney – he was sick! And he was stoked on the rave I took him to in Hull, ha!

Time you said “never again”: This weekend just gone…

Item of importance that you lost: My house keys, I posted them to the car insurance place by mistake.

Time you feared for your life: When I woke up from a night out with a rash all over my body. Wasn’t that bad, turned out to be shingles….

‘Regan in Paris’ courtesy of Science Skateboards: Skateboarding Videos >>

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