Last Orders: Josh ‘Manhead’ Young

“My cranium is not necessarily massive, it’s more manly. I passed my driving test in February and have just bought a sick Fezza…bezzin’! Cheers Powley for the insurance hook-up – bear safe, standard. That’ll do.”

That’s how Manhead just described himself, now read his ‘Last Orders’ and check out his Hyde Park edit underneath, courtesy of Alexander James Winstanley.

“In a bit, hinneh?”


Time you introduced yourself to someone as ‘Manhead’ and not Josh: Yesterday, to Chris Haslam.

Drink you ordered: JD and coke with no rotten lime. At Escubars in Wakey.

Person you spoke to: Visually impaired man, AKA Geggs Man.

Trick you filmed: Feeble fakie at Indy demo in Newport.

Photo you shot: Back tizzle, at Newport again.

Country you visited: Alicante, visiting power-midge Sprout.

Thing you skated in your hometown: The waxed curb at Wessy Walk.

Skate event you travelled to: Independent tour in Newport. The Velodrome.

Trick you learnt: Erm the cant remember, nollie casper flip?

Trick you lost: Back smiths.

Trick you wish you hadn’t bothered landing: The possibilities are endless. Switch roastbeef? Magee did not approve.

Book you read: Does Sidewalk count?

Thing that made you mad: Rear view mirror falling off the window every time its hot.

Piece of advice you received: Make sure I get breakdown cover.

Stupid request by a Route One customer: “Can you get me these in a size 7, 9, 10 and 12.”

Song you sang along to: 5 years time. Plus whistling.

Film you watched and enjoyed: “Rock and Rolla”

Film you watched and hated: “Disaster Movie”

Skate video you watched from start to finish: “And Now” – Gravette is a beast.

Time you took your brothers skating: About a month ago, to T’works.

Memorable thing that Doug said: “Ooooh, chocolate beanie.”

Website visited: Ebay, looking for a CD player for my new car, preferably with iPod port thing.

Thing you downloaded: Some form of update I think?

Skateboarder who impressed you: Andy scott at Epic. Fullcab late shuvits on vert. P-Take.

Item of importance that you lost: Passport, but I found it this morning.

Time you feared for your life: Driving to Leeds and nearly getting smashed into by an arctic lorry.

Manhead at Hyde Park, Leeds. Skateboarding Videos >>

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