Last Orders: Gabriel De La Mora

Number four of our Listen ‘Last Orders’ series goes to Mexico’s finest yoot on the up, Gabriel De La Mora. English isn’t Gabriels first language, so bear that in mind whilst reading over his ‘lasts’.

Anyway, continue to scroll to the bottom of the screen to find Gabriels section from Listens “Viajeros Locos” DVD.

Final installment online next week!

Shuvit Heelflip. Photo: Listen


Drink you ordered: Vodka O.J.

Person you spoke to: My brother, Rodrigo De La Mora.

Trick you filmed: Some line.

Photo you shot: Late shuv down something.

Country you visited: USA

Thing you skated in your hometown: Bandera

Skate event you travelled to: Mazatlan – best trick.

Trick you learnt: Flat bar back noseblunts.

Trick you lost: 360 flip.

Book you read: Some cook book.

Time you were outraged: Don’t remember.

Piece of advice you received: Hang on to your real friends.

Album you bought: ‘Barrio Music vol.2′

Song you sang along to: Bob Dylan – ‘Positively 4th Street’

Film you watched and enjoyed: A BBC earth documentary.

Skate video you watched from start to finish: Cliche – ‘Freedom Fries’.

Website visited:

Thing you downloaded: Music.

Skateboarder who impressed you: Rodrigo Peterson

Time you said “never again”: Today or yesterday.

Item of importance that you lost: My brothers ipod

Time you feared for your life: Every day

Gabriels “Viajeros Locos” section: Skateboarding Videos >>

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